Telemedicine - The Three A's - Accessibility, Availability, Affordability

"It’s the three A’s of what we do. First, it’s accessibility. One of the things we find all over nation— I’m licensed in a lot of states— is issues with geographical accessibility to physicians. They just can’t get to them when something comes up. These are non-emergency issues. Second, they may be accessible, but they’re not available. Their schedule is packed. We’re in the middle of cold and flu season and it is packed in physicians’ offices. The third part of the A is affordability. We’ve taken those folks with non- emergency issues and we’ve taken them out of the ERs and walk-in clinics where all kinds of money was being spent. Industry and the insurance companies appreciate what we do. When I started, we were 4,000 members nationwide. We’re at eight million now and we’ll be much higher than that." - Dr. Howard

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