And the winner is....

44North! We are pleased to announce we have been selected as the 2016 Governor's Council Healthy Workplace Award Winner! 

Since 2012, 44North has been creating an extraordinary workplace culture of wellness.  They offer employees: $120 gym membership reimbursements per year, sponsorship of 2 major race events and softball leagues, many wellness challenges throughout the year, an onsite fitness room and showers, flexibility to exercise during work hours, a tobacco-free campus, healthy potlucks at least once per year.

Most notably, they cover the entire cost of health insurance for employees and their families with participation in the wellness program.  In 2015, they put on a “5K Fun Run/Walk”, which was free to participants, and due to the success they will continue to offer it annually and extend the invitation out to clients.  In 2016 they offered free onsite Weight Watchers meeting to interested employees.

Since health means more than diet and exercise, 44North does a number of charitable fundraisers, including food donations during the holidays (which coincide with a statewide weight loss challenge put on by 44N to a number of clients – a pound of food to be donated for every pound of weight lost.  In 2014 over 1,000 pounds of food was donated from Marquette to Cadillac, in 2015 the donations will extend down to Grand Rapids), “adoption” of a family for Christmas, along with annually raising donations for Project Christmas, and the local women’s and animal shelters. 

Outside of the box, the company offers telemedicine at no cost to employees, as well as a medical pricing transparency service.  They have put on sushi, yoga, and painting classes onsite, too.

As for leadership, the president, Brian Cote', makes it clear that he walks the walk by participating in a number of the programs and communicating the importance at meetings, and John O’Connor, the vice president, had an incredible 100-pound weight loss in 2015. 

44North will continue to be a progressive company in regards to wellness, because they keep tabs on what is available and want to be a leader in changing America’s health for the better.