The Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee with Cote’ – An unconventional look for healthier outcomes…

Turn down a cup of coffee?  No sir!  That’s what the contractor at my house said to me when I asked him if he would like a cup recently.  Who doesn't like having a cup of coffee with a friend, a stranger at a local coffee shop, or at the office or when starting a meeting?

For years, coffee has been believed to be the evil dark side to ones better health.   It has alleged to stunt ones growth and lead to heart disease and cancer.  This has shaped perceptions for many, carrying us through the 20th century and dating back to early 1600 myth.  This probably explains why, back in the day, McDonalds nearly gave it away for free.   When I was younger, my dad would get a cup for those long drives when I was stuck in the back seat sitting between my two older brothers in the old family station wagon (or “quality family time” as my dad would remind me).

So, if coffee is so bad for you than why do those darn French people look so skinny and healthy sipping coffee with friends in those nice pictures in Paris cafes’?  Maybe those French people are onto something, being that they are ranked 8th in life expectancy while the U.S. is tied with Columbia & Cuba at 34th.

Could it be that coffee has had a bad rap all of these years?  With a few simple clicks on the keyboard, while drinking coffee nonetheless, I was amazed to find out that coffee is possibly the new wonder drug of the 21st century. Maybe that explains why Starbucks has once again raised their prices…

Did you know drinking 2-3 cups of caffeinated coffee daily can produce….

·         Happiness: - A recent Harvard study found that women had a 15-20% lower risk of depression and a Smaller Waistline due to the stimulating effects coffee provides on the central nervous system.  Also coffee can assist with Improved Energy to help get the day rolling or jump starting your next work-out.

·         Longer Life: 15% lower risk of dying, slash your diabetes risk in half and for woman reduce certain forms of breast cancer by 57% per a 14 year study from the National Institutes of Health.  Another study in Japan showed stroke risk reduction by 20% and in 2012 Boston researchers found reduction of many cancers including: skin, mouth, colon, liver and prostate cancer.

·         In addition to having nearly ZERO CALORIES, coffee has many potent antioxidants (twice that of tea and three times that of wine) that the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found can fortify your nervous system healing with the prevention of Parkinson’s and the cognitive decline that occurs with aging including Alzheimer’s.

Well, even though I never did convince my contractor to have a cup of coffee with me, he did one heck of a job on our driveway.  Now, I must run and I will have to reach out to my dad today and thank him for introducing me to “the new wonder drug” at an early age.



Brian Cote'