is changing to:


Q. Why are we changing?

A. We felt our new branding initiative was necessary to have one unified name for all five or our locations.


 Q. What does 44North mean?

 A. 44North is the epicenter of all our locations and represents our vision of transforming an industry and empowering consumers.


 Q. When will this change occur?

 A. March 15, 2015 is the official date of change.


 Q. What is changing?

 A. In addition to a new name and logo on all printed and electronic communications:

  • Our redesigned website will be moving to www.44n.com which better represents our services and provides more convenient access and comprehensive information. The solutions available on our current website, like online enrollment, member access to HRA/FSA claims, and secure messaging, will be accessible on the Client Portal at 44n.com/client-portal

Our current websites, www.employeebenefitsagency.net ,  will remain active for 6 months but will include a message informing users of the new site.

  • Email addresses of 44N representatives will follow the new url as @44n.com. All communications sent to current email addresses will automatically be forwarded to the recipient’s new 44n.com email inbox. You will receive a message that your email has been forwarded and encourage you to update your contact information.
  • Telephone greetings and prompts will reflect the new name and logo. For 6 months, our greeting will include reference to our former name to prevent confusion.


Q. What is not changing?

 A. You will continue to receive the same service from the same people you've come to know and trust. Your dedicated service team will be in constant contact with you and your employees through this transition, ensuring you see the positive impact of this next step on your journey at 44North.