Coffee With Cote'

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


“One small step would be good.”  This was what I caught myself thinking as the rest of the family waited and I yelled out to my oldest son to hurry up and join us on the boat.  Summer is coming to an end in Northern Michigan and anyone who knows Michigan weather knows that you have to take advantage of those great summer days whenever possible.  Little does my oldest son know that this lake that we are about to go boating on is the same lake that his Grandfather and Great Grandfather were together on the day World War II ended.  Yup, the same Grandfather (my Dad) that used to make me take those awful long car rides in the old family station wagon (hmm, long boat ride, something sounds familiar here) and the same person that first opened my eyes to health and wellness.

Back when I was my son’s age, it was after those long family rides that I would need to run around and burn off some energy (or work off those lumps in my legs from my two older brother punching me).  It was about the same time I remember asking my dad if he exercised.  He replied, “God only gives us so many heartbeats and if you think I am going to waste any running up and down the driveway, well no thanks!”  To which he would add, “If you want good health than you need good parents.”

In a day of “need it now” and where everyone is looking for the quickest, easiest answer, could I find a better answer than my dad’s?  There has to be a better something better out there.  Armed with a cup of coffee and a few clicks on the trusted Dell, I was amazed at what I found out.

Within no time, I was awaken to the new life altering, performance enhancing drug of the 21st century.   I found that with a small daily dose, taken just five times a week, many of life’s more concerning health woes could be addressed including:

•       reduced pain and disability for patients with knee arthritis by 47%

•       reduced dementia and Alzheimer’s in older patients by 50%

•       reduced the progression to diabetes in patients at high risk by 58%

•       reduced the risk of hip fracture in post-menopausal women by 41%

•       reduced anxiety by 48%

•       reduced likelihood of getting breast cancer by 18%

•       reduced coronary heart disease risk by 14%

•       reduced dying of any kind of cancer by 10%

•       reduced depression by 30% (47% with higher dosage)

•       Increased life expectancy 3 – 5 years

•       Increased household income potential by 10%

This amazing drug being: exercise/walking or running – minimum of 20 minutes at a time.

Sources: American Heart Assoc., American Cancer Society, USA-National Runner Survey, Journal of Applied Psychology

After cruising the internet and finding this great info above, I still wasn’t able to find the best way to get my oldest to hurry up while the rest of the family was waiting.   Time to log off now!  My dad has stopped by & wants to go for a walk to make sure he tracks enough steps on his pedometer for the day.