Coffee With Cote'

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Coffee with Cote’ an unconventional look for healthier outcomes and what successful employers are doing to create a better workforce…

I love the car rental commercial where you can pick any car in the aisle. I never can remember that actors name but have been a big fan since first seeing him on Seinfeld, Puddy – Right?

What if the next time you went to buy a new car, you could go to any car dealer and pick any car you want with no worries over what the cost would be – that’s right, no sticker shock!
Those with kids, what would their response be if you gave them your credit card just before dropping them off at the mall followed by, “Mommy and Daddy love you, you go have fun & buy what you want and we will take care of the rest”. Ok, maybe I am aging myself so later tonight how about if you plop your kiddos in front of your laptop and let them shop on-line ‘til midnight using your personal Visa – get the point?

In a way, isn’t this what it’s like when it comes to healthcare? Think about it, with the tens of thousands of tests and procedures occurring daily has your doctor ever stopped and said, “wait, are you worried what this might cost you”? Truthfully, if you did ask what the test might cost I’ll bet the answer would be, “what is your deductible”?

The scary part is, once an employee has met their deductible their perception of health cost is free due to the low (and in some cases no) costs passed on to them at that point. Add to this the cost of free when it comes to basic tests like colonoscopies that can range from $700-
$3,500 and CT scans from $290 to $2,900 with competing medical providers that can provide the same test right across the street from each other. That’s right – the same test performed across the road or down the block and at times completed by the same physician costs thousands of dollars more. Yet this free to your employee can cost your health plan thousands more next time you are up for renewal.

Well there is some good news on this front. Today with the substantial rise in healthcare costs often leading to more expenses born by employees, insurance carriers are starting to recognize the financial burden and offer some on-line pricing assistance. The bad news is, for the average person, many of the results are estimates vs. actual costs and come with the added burden of employees having to navigate additional web-sites, with still many questions not being answered.

From the very beginning 44North has lead the way working with employers, employees and their families to advocate on their behalf and as a result provide a real time solution (an actual person with a name, direct dial that will follow-up with pro-active phone calls for help and support). As it relates to price shopping, 44North offers many options including the ease of a click of an App or a toll-free number, where a trained healthcare professional will provide

support utilizing the latest in industry technology, industry know how and the best of insurance carrier tools to deliver simplified cost savings results. This streamlined straight forward approach not only provides real-time price saving results to help preserve your employee’s paycheck but also can go a long way in making your business’ bottom-line healthier.