Coffee With Cote'

Friday, December 9, 2016


Have we had enough of the election, politics and in general everything not perfect in the world being magnified, scrutinized and blasted all  over the TV and internet 24/7 daily?  Is it really all that bad?  Maybe it’s me or maybe it’s the advice my grandfather shared with my dad and he shared with me that “there is nothing that can happen to this country that the good people of the United States can’t handle or fix.”

So we have a new president which means ½ of the country won’t be happy.  I get it, but isn’t this what democracy is all about and a big reason why our country is so great today?

Left or right, this past political season represented everything bad about our country.  So, as we wind-down from the not too distant past and we plan for what lies ahead, maybe it’s time we take a few minutes each day and provide ourselves with some much needed TLC.  Although there isn’t a switch that can be flipped, a pill that can be taken, or a hidden island we can move to, there are some basic steps proven that if done daily will lead to a healthier you.  Yes, a healthier version of you that in the end is one of the best outcomes anyone could ask for.

BTC’s daily prescription for a better you…

Take a hike!  That’s right, I said it, get out and go for a walk or some other form of physical movement.  You don’t have to be a marathon runner or triathlete to benefit from what 20-30 minutes of walking, running, biking. etc. can do for your overall physical and mental wellbeing.  Ask me about success and I can assure you that some form of activity is behind it.  Said differently, activity doesn’t guaranteed success but there is no success without it.

Be your own personal highlight reel! Try borrowing a page from the highly successful ESPN by making your own personal SporstCenter highlight reel.  Who wouldn’t want to be the star for the day?  What if this could be done not just once, but every day?  What if every morning when you wake up or every night just before you go to bed you relived your personal highlights for the day; taking a moment to reflect on the 3 or 4 best things that happened in your day and replay them over and over?  You could let this be your personal highlight reel to not only reflect on some of the good things happening in your life, but also take this an opportunity to build on for the future.

Random Act of Kindness!  Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact in a friendship, a co-worker or just possibly making our environment/our world a better place to live.  A friend: they say you are the equivalent of the five people closest to you.  When is the last time you thanked them for simply being them?  A co-worker:  You would be amazed at what buying a co-worker a cup of coffee will do to brighten their day.  Sorry if this comes across as a shameless plug for “Coffee with Cote” but what a nice surprise…and who doesn’t like surprises?   Lastly, our world: next time you see some random garbage on the ground, pick it up or when leaving a store, open a door for someone just entering or leaving.  What if this this little extra effort, this simple random act of kindness that no one asked you to do, not only made the situation better for others but made you feel better as a result of?