Coffee With Cote'

Monday, April 9, 2018


Back when my Grandfather was born in 1905, the average life expectancy was 40.  Fast forward just over 100 years (two generations), the average life expectancy is 80 – so what gives?

For starters, just about everything.  In today’s information age, anything & everything is available real-time damn near all the time.  I couldn’t imagine going back to a life without a smartphone, let alone having an animal in my back yard being my primary mode of transportation, as it was when my Grandfather was born.  And seriously, is it true that soon we will be seeing self-driving cars whiz by us on the highway?  Well I guess so as Cadillac just released the first super cruise ride (CT6) and in the commercial they show a man behind the wheel, while his hands are busy sipping coffee and looking at his iPhone.

So, if we all are going to make it to 90 (assuming autonomous cars don’t run off a bridge first), what will not only help get us to this milestone, but also make the ride much better?  Let me introduce you to two key words “Coffee” and “Beer”.  With this, I couldn’t ask for a better research topic find this morning while sipping my Starbucks on Spring Break & looking out at that amazing Florida sunshine!

Back in 2003, Leisure World Cohort performed the largest study on the fastest growing age group (90+) in the world with one of their biggest takeaways being those who drank “moderate” alcohol and coffee lived longer than those who didn’t.  In the study Dr. Claudia Kawas, a key researcher, noted that although there is no explanation, the findings are clear…drinking more = living more.  So what is moderate?  The study goes on to share that about two beers a day is the right amount and between 3 to 4 cups of coffee.

So, in this world of needed it now, getting it now information age with the thousands of top ten health lists to make you a better version of you, take this one to the bank for not only an older you, but a better you.