Coffee With Cote'

Friday, October 4, 2019


Seriously, what is your guilty pleasure?

Some are good, some are harmless while others leave us having to pay for it later…

Followers of Coffee with Cote’ know that nothing kicks a day off better than having a fresh cup of coffee to get things started.  No calories, a little bump (caffeine) and with some luck, sunny skies for the drive ahead or if office time is calling, less in the inbox and more time working on things that matter most.

So what if the night before, the weekend before or just too many back-to-back feel good moments left you on the wrong side of a good thing?   Well if this is the case, let below help you get back on track:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings with the family and you had a six piece for dinner – 120 minutes walking, 50 minutes running, 70 minutes on the bike will take care of it (burn them off)
  • A big old juicy cheeseburger – 75 minutes walking, 25 minutes running or 40 minutes on the bike
  • What goes better with some chicken wings or a cheeseburger than having it with a cold refreshing craft (local) beer – 60 minutes walking, 20 minutes running or 30 minutes on the bike
  • Morning waffles (2) – 40 minutes walking, 15 minutes running or 20 minutes on the bike
  • And whom can turn down a chocolate chip cookie? I know I can’t and it will take about 40 minutes of walking, 15 minutes of running or 20 minutes on the bike.  Problem – whom can just stop with one chocolate chip cookie? Plan on doubling down with your activity for each additional one!

How did carwashes get thrown into the title?  Count on this guilty pleasure to neither adding calories nor burning them but simply feeling better when doing so.  So next time you are giving your mobile office (car) a nice new shine, this experience is even better when paired with a fresh cup of coffee.