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Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Unconventional Insight for a Healthier You

Friedman was onto something when he penned the classic “The World is Flat”.  Later, Tim Ferris’s “4 Hour Work Week” only helped frame what true benefits a world could bring if fully flattened.

Prior to 2020, neither Friedman nor Ferris’ vision fully materialized.  However, with the evolution of the internet & the technological power of Apple, Amazon and Google (+ others), this has only deepened our global economic appetite (wanting things cheap and now).

So as I backtrack from some classic reads of yesterday and reflect on where this global pandemic has placed many of us today – as doors appear shut suddenly a window opens.

The World is Flat – Endless Entertainment…

Not the first to say this but worth repeating, if you are bored you aren’t trying hard enough.  As expressed in prior CwC™, for pennies a day endless entertainment through your TV awaits.  From the largest, Netflix to Amazon Prime & its 112 million US members (from 124 million US households) to the newly launched Disney+ that within its first 5 months picked up over 50 million subscribers, let the show begin and for making things easier, try:

  • com: this service (free) will find the cheapest (& free is available) streaming service to watch so you don’t have to waste quality time in search of streaming services.

The World is Flat – World Travel…

Today more than ever, thoughts of visiting some of the world’s greatest landmarks is hard to picture.  What if these world destinations could visit you at the comfort of your own home?  Imagine touring Italy, seeing the Great Wall of China or any number of great destinations from your couch.  For making this a reality, check out:

The World is Flat – Emotional Wellbeing, ZOOM ZOOM…

Even before the pandemic forced us to isolate, a quarter of Americans were chronically lonely.  What if you could: see, talk, laugh, pray, play poker with friends, family real-time-anytime?  You no longer have to imagine, try Zoom (!  As simple as opening an email, you can engage with others and have that much needed people interaction that is so critical to a healthy wellbeing.  Never heard of Zoom, before our current crisis, Zoom had just a few million users versus today Zoom is experiencing over 200 million users – DAILY!

Feeling lonely or a little on edge – you are not alone and hopefully this flattened world can get you back to your old normal in a little less than 4 hours.