Coffee With Cote'

Thursday, August 27, 2020


What color is your happiness – ever thought about it?  In a year that many wish to forget, anything highlighting a better outcome, a better tomorrow, is probably a good thing right now.

For the past few decades, our culture has been hyper-focused on the happiness factor. Personally, I am thankful for this as my journey into adult life didn’t start that great. Fortunately, I was introduced to this different way of thinking and was a much needed prescription to start my post college years that prior only knew the security of living in the family nest.  Nothing specific that my parents did (or didn’t do), it’s just I needed to develop and build muscle, a mental muscle of sorts, that could help lift me from the deepest weeds of thinking for a better path both physically and emotionally.

Millions of books have been written on the happiness X factor.  From meditation, exercise, taking walks, socializing, friendship and on and on.  Is there something missing from the list and if so what?  In the end, dont we really want to know – what works best? 

Sorry CwC readers, no crystal ball here.  But if there was a switch that could be flipped that provided an immediate & better state of being, a better place, a better space and better you to hang out in – would that be a good thing if it could happen?

What does a color mean and its impact on happiness?  What more is there to the color Blue, Red, Green, Orange and the endless array of color crayons includes in the most their basic kindergarten starter pack?

Blue for the bluest ocean colors witnessed on a welcomed trip to escape the snow of December-January & February or clearest of July sky’s and is the only color I see when spending summer family trips up north leading to one perfect day after another. 

Red for saving lives, one of three colors represented in the best flag on the planet, another victory from the most dominant golfer or the passion that exists not only on Valentine’s Day but the many that follow after you have meet your sole mate.

Green for faith, for progress, for palm trees, for growth, for independence and for all the things that makes spring special and lets you put the days of winter in the rear view mirror and remind you of the great things yet to come.

Purple for the magic sound can bring when losing yourself in a song that reminds you of the great times of the past and the great times yet to come.

So what’s your color of happiness?