Coffee With Cote'

Monday, January 11, 2021


Some say the 80’s are back and some say they never left.  One thing is for certain, the influence in music, style and introduction of legendary video games has endured the test of time.

I will never forget being a young teen and completely blowing off a dentist appointment.  Truth is, I simply forgot about it until I felt my Dad’s firm grip grabbing my left shoulder as he pulled me away from a possible high score at the local arcade.   

Fast forward some 30 plus years and if we wanted to, would we go back?  Sure I can find my decade of music on-line or with my Sirius app, sure I can head to my man cave and get a few games in with my Classic Video Arcade gaming system but if I was fortunate enough to find some of my old clothes – could I still fit in them and if I did, would I want to party like it’s 1999?

As we age, it is said that 70% of harm we do to ourselves is a result of Obesity, Alcohol and Tobacco.  Any normal conversation today won’t lead to much argument here, it’s just that when attempting to reset our annual goals with New Year’s Resolutions, only a third of this list goes on the fun side.  Add to this, over 80% of our January 1st annual wish list for improvements flame out sometime in February.  

Great Scott – What would Michael J. Fox do?

What if we could skinny this down to its simplest form for success and just remember to move.  That’s it, move and move more and then get busy moving.  My Dad would often say that if you want to get something done, give it to someone who is busy.  So confident with this advice that if you ever get an email or text from me, the signature will include PAC and not for PAC-MAN but for three little words (P.A.C. ™ Passion. Activity. Commitment.) that can lead anyone to success.

Within this P.A.C. acronym is the letter A which stands for – Activity. I firmly believe that so much more could be accomplished by many if they just remember to get busy, stay active and show up (which requires activity).

Today, one in ten premature deaths and over $117 billion in annual healthcare cost (Source: CDC) are contributed to physical inactivity and although this serving of “’Coffee with Coté” isn’t focusing on the how or what, let me leave you with the why.

Cancer, for most, is the last thing we ever want to hear from our doctor and yet it is estimated with the proper activity, the following forms of cancer can be decreased (Source: National Cancer Institute):

  • Esophageal 21%
  • Breast 21%
  • Endometrial 20%
  • Colon 19%
  • Stomach 19%
  • Bladder 15%
  • Kidney 12%

And it’s not as hard as you think.  Most studies today suggest either 25-40 minutes of moderate daily aerobic activity or adding some strengthening two times a week, just 12-15 minutes of moderate daily aerobic activity is all that is needed. So what is the secret to making those New Year’s Resolutions stick? 66 days (that is March 7th – vs quitting in February – of just a little more activity) and with this New Year’s serving of “Coffee with Coté”, maybe this is the year you make it – Back to the Future.