TPA Services

We're more than just an agency/broker:

  • Dually-Licensed - TPA/broker with 40,000+ Michigan members insured. 
  • Direct Carrier Feeds with the largest carriers in Michigan.
  • Direct Stop-Loss Carrier Feeds
  • Full-Claims Adjudication - We process over 20,000 claims per week for our members.
  • Plan Document Creation - SBC, SPD, SMMs, Sec 125, etc.
  • PPACA, DOL, ERISA Compliance - action plan creation, execution, and reporting.
  • COBRA - notification and premium management.

Employee Concierge services

  • 24.7 Patient Advocacy - All hours, all shifts, every day.  Patient, physician, hospital, insurance plan coordination and follow-thru.
  • Medical Bill Scrubbing - 80% of medical bills contain errors.  We process 20,000+ claims per week.  We screen bills for the patient, correct errors, and report back to the patient.  To date, we've saved our clients $12,850,505 from a combination of corrected billing errors and premium savings through our creative funding strategies.
  • Provider Fee Transparency - One call, and our member patients have access to actual provider fees prior to elective procedures.  For the same procedure, fees can vary 700%.  We make this information available to our patients, making them better consumers.  Our report includes Physician ratings, actual fees, and third-party reviews, all mapped within a 25 mile radius of the patient's referred provider.
  • Telemedicine - 24.7 physician availability by video or phone.  96% patient satisfaction.  $0 employee copay.  $0 cost for the call.