Coffee With Cote'

Friday, June 3, 2016


Coffee with Cote’ – An unconventional look for healthier outcomes and “What” successful employers are doing to create a better workforce…

No internet – No way!

Can you imagine a life without it?  It doesn’t seem too long ago when business couldn’t survive without the latest from the mail room, as most of tomorrow’s best decisions couldn’t start without that key document making its way to someone’s desk.

Then it happened…the fax machine!  Who can forget that funny paper that rolled up right after spitting it’s message out that in no time would turn yellow and start to fade?  If this doesn’t ring a bell, how about that awful shriek as the message was transmitting – Rrrrrr-Zzzzzzzz-Blaaamm-Bleeeep….

Could you imagine today working with these mail room restrictions at your office?  Impossible!  As we are thankful for the evolution of mail room to fax machine to email of today, could we possible leverage technology to help address many of today’s most basic healthcare needs?  Is there a way we can seek treatment more quickly, more affordably, all while providing the same results that we have come to depend on when it comes to the aid for many of our friends, families & employees?

Consider the following:

  •          Many doctor offices are open less than 40 hours a week
  •          The average time people wait to get a doctor’s appointment can be over 3 weeks
  •          75-90% of doctor visits originate from fear and stress
  •          The average time in a waiting room is now close to 30 minutes
  •          The Top 3 reasons for emergency room visits are: ear infection, upper respiratory & sinus infection
  •          Today the majority of ALL emergency room visits (nearly 70%) are for non-emergency
  •          The cost for many of today’s emergency room visit is exceeding an average of over $1200

So as you look at the above list, do you think that we should keep doing what we have always done to drive the same results?  What if your doctor was on call, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any possible healthcare question you have?  Wouldn’t this make a positive difference in our lives?

Remembering the dependency of the mail room, then the fax machine, then email, imagine moving one step forward and having a doctor’s visit from the comfort of your home.  Tele-medicine is here and can successfully treat: colds, flu, upper respiratory, allergies, headaches, urinary tract infection, bronchitis, eye-ear-skin infections, as well as yeast and other GYN issues 75% or the time including prescribing medication and following up with your primary doctor with one simple phone call.  How does calling your doctor, waiting on hold, then scheduling an appointment three weeks out still sound like the smartest choice versus having a doctor call you and successfully address some of healthcare’s most common needs in less than ten minutes?

Now I am not suggesting that this will work for all or that implementing this healthcare advancement is as simple as flipping a switch (or opening an email).  The fact is, people are creatures of habit and change takes time, but with the right partner channels supported by effective education and employee communication this approach isn’t just available, but works!  Need more proof?  Today, 44North has nearly 30,000 lives supported on our tele-medicine platform and we have been delivering this healthcare advancement for years.  This is just another reason why 44North continues to lead the healthE revolution™!