Pricing Transparency

Why do we know the cost of appliances, furniture and groceries, but not medical tests and procedures?

Transparent Comparisons

When prices for the same in-network procedure vary, chances are you and your employees are paying way more than necessary. 44North will help you and your employees save on medical procedures through our pricing transparency.

Create Proactive Healthcare Consumers

Whether choosing a doctor, looking for a pharmacy or undergoing surgery, your employee's smartest approach as a healthcare consumer is to compare costs. We'll drive utilization through:

  • Expert onsite consumerism education
  • No cumbersome websites to navigate
  • Real-time costs, not estimates or ranges
  • Open enrollment education
  • Quarterly reporting and utilization management

Easy Shopping

44North does the work so your employees don’t have to: our shoppers find the cost, quality and provider information and relay that to your employees so they can choose the best care at the best price. Just one call to our shoppers and we’ll do the rest.


Our pre-sales team is here for you.

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