Coffee With Cote'

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Success leaves clues, want a better life – ask better questions, finding success quicker – get a mentor…

I am sure at one time or another, we have been drawn into a great quote and the AHA light went off in your brain allowing for the stars to align and clarity of your thinking to crystalize.  Unfortunately, if it was this easy the first of the year wouldn’t lead to a promising long list of actionable to-do – New Year’s resolutions, for so many of us.

It seems just about every year, Coffee with Cote’ kicks off with a nice go get em message to kick-start your new year and this year isn’t much different – or is it?  What if we could focus on a NOT to-do list and back into a better year for 2020 vision unlike anything before?

Below I have accumulated some little reminders that pop up in my recurring outlook task list several times a month that I use to remind myself that being human is a pretty cool thing and sometimes we can get further ahead on what we don’t do…

What NOT to do in 2020…

  1. Judge (instead be more curious!)
  2. Take it personal nor make it personal
  3. Shy away from change
  4. Waste energy on things I cannot control
  5. Waste time feeling sorry for myself
  6. Dwell on the past
  7. Fear of taking risks
  8. Give up after falling down
  9. Fear making mistakes
  10. Fear alone time
  11. Feel the world owes me something
  12. Worry about pleasing everyone
  13. Give away my Super Power
  14. Feeling like a victim
  15. Treat my future self like a stranger (differed gratification is not a bad thing!)